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Blinds.vn always aims at beautiful, quality and affordable price curtains & blinds for all customers. Always bring new trends, update the market as quickly as possible. Because Blinds.vn is a factory, this is a very strong advantage. With the criteria of beautiful curtains, good quality and durable use, Blinds has created a reputation for itself.

In order to gain the trust and love from customers, Blinds.vn has made efforts and tried to cultivate experience, knowledge, product quality as well as diverse designs, well-organized curtain quotes. Blinds has a wide range of curtain products suitable for all needs, such as windows, doors, balconies, ceilings, skylights,… All the most difficult queen curtains, sophisticated sewing patterns, need meticulousness Blinds is also confident that they can do it.

High-grade fabrics imported from Belgium, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, etc. All kinds of French, Italian, Chinese engines, … High-quality accessories, new styles, qualified for 5-star hotels, resorts, villas, Villas, etc. Learn more about curtains you need with Blinds need it!

Below is a price list of blinds & curtains provided by Blinds. For the fastest advice, immediately contact the hotline for support!

Cambodia Blinds.vn showroom address: 392-393 street 271, Russey Keo ,Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hotline/ Telegram: 855  9330 1103 ( Mrs. Srey Noy )

Vietnam: +84 83 675 8888 ( Mr. Tuan)

The latest price of synthetic curtains & blinds 2023

NumberProduct/ PriceImage
01Regular fabric curtains: 13.5 USD/m2
Update the latest fabric curtain price list
100% blackout curtains : 18 USD/m2
high end curtains : 25 USD/m2
0280% blackout roman: 28 USD/m2
Price list of roman blinds - roman blinds
100% blackout roman: 31 USD/m2
03Wooden blinds: 31 USD/m2
Price list of wooden blinds
Wood imitation plastic blinds: 36 USD/m2

Luxury 1 rope traction system +8.5 USD/m2
04Basic honeycomb blinds: 36 USD/m2
Price list of honeycomb blinds
Blackout honeycomb blinds: 40.5 USD/m2
Luxury 1 rope traction system +7.5 USD/m2
05Basic aluminum blinds: 12.5 USD/m2
Price list of aluminum blinds
Luxury aluminum blinds: 29.5 USD/m2
06Basic roller blinds: 12.5 USD/m2

Price list of roller blinds
Insulated roller blinds: 15.5 USD/m2
Fireproof roller blinds: 23 USD/m2
Suncreen roller blinds : 16.5 USD/m2
07Basic combi/ zebra blinds : 19.5 USD/m2
Price list of combi/ zebra blinds
Blackout combi/ zebra blinds: 41 USD/m2
08Basic vertical blinds: 12.5 USD/m2
Price list of vertical blinds
Luxury vertical blinds: 15.5 USD/m2
09Automatic outdoor awning: 145 USD/m2
Price list of automatic outdoor awning
10Automatic outdoor Zip roller blinds: 95 USD/m2
Price list of automatic outdoor Zip roller blinds
11Refrigerator curtains: 19.5 USD/m2
Price list of refrigerator curtains
Sliding refrigerator curtains: 28 USD/m2
12Glass box blinds: 123 USD/m2
Price list of glass box blinds


  • The unit price of curtains does not include VAT and installation fee.
  • The above quotation does not include scaffolding rental fee and reinforcement fee (if any).
  • The above curtain price applies to Phom Penh, Siem Reap.
  • Free construction of curtains/province delivery when order > 250 USD.
  • Inner city construction fee is 2 USD/m2, under 6m2 fee is 12 USD/time for installation.
  • Free construction for projects from 20m2 or more.

Above is a preliminary price list of some popular curtain types at Blinds.

High-class blinds & curtains brand Star Blinds.vn at Cambodia Architect & Decor Expo 2020. 

The process of ordering curtains

For advice on the latest curtain prices, suitable curtains or how to order curtains online, Blinds would like to introduce the ordering process as follows:

Step 1: Consulting

For advice on curtain prices, suitable curtains and installation methods, you can choose to consult via Fanpage, Zalo or contact hotline 855  9330 1103 ( Mrs. Srey Noy ) or to schedule a consultation at home.

Step 2: Survey (if necessary)

After having the address information and contact phone number provided by the customer, schedule an appointment between the customer and us. On time, Blinds’ technicians will bring a full range of models to suit the needs of customers to arrive at the project address, survey the location, topography, measure the actual volume.

On-site sample consultation so that customers and Blinds can better understand each other.

Step 3: Quotation for curtains

After having the width and height dimensions for each specific location, we will quote detailed curtains and offer the most suitable price for customers.

Step 4: Deposit

This is a step that determines whether the order is successful or not. Deposit issue is quite a sensitive issue for some customers, this is probably because our unit has not given enough trust to customers. Blinds will share the company location, experience as well as a professional factory so that customers can trust and give their full trust to us. In addition, the deposit will help the two parties have a connection and responsibility for each other. Rest assured, because Blinds is reputable.

Step 5: Place your order

Make orders on the system, conduct production and arrange delivery/construction schedules.

And so the process of placing curtains is extremely simple and successful so that customers can save time to do more things.

Curtain production process

Curtains and blinds production process at ECO Blinds.vn factory:

Step 1: Blinds.vn produces according to the measurements in the quote for curtains & blinds.

Step 2: Blinds.vn check the correct curtain size according to the curtains and blinds quote.

Step 3: Blinds.vn carefully pack the curtains & blinds before sending/installing.

Step 4: Blinds.vn delivers the curtains & blinds to the car or to the delivery unit to the customer.

The process of delivery and installation of curtains & blinds

Besides the ordering process, we also have a delivery and installation process for the curtains. Blinds has delivery so that customers can install it themselves or schedule an appointment for Blinds to come and install it on site, with installation in the province.

Step 1: After successfully applying on the system, the company starts production, the production time can vary from 2-4 days. But the installation appointment time with the customer is from 3-5 days, even 5-7 or 30 days depending on the type of curtains, the total value of the curtain order.

Step 2: When production is done, we will conduct a complete (QC) inspection of the curtains, then carefully pack them.

Step 3: When the packaging is complete, we will schedule the delivery for the installation technician to contact the customer to arrange a convenient installation time for both parties.

Or our company will deliver the goods to the car, the shipping units that the customer requires.

Step 4: The customer will then pay the rest. Need information support, warranty, customers just need to contact the hotline, report the phone number ordered before to check and support the fastest.

Customer reviews about Blinds.vn blinds & curtains

” Very good choice of fabric and blind system. Great service. Thank you Mr Tuan for ensuring we have the product we wanted. ” – Arnaud De Lendroit.

A Belgian guest has chosen our unit to cooperate with curtains for his apartment. He feels very satisfied with the price of curtains, the quality as well as the service of Blinds. We sincerely thank you for your support and will try to do better. Thank you.

Blinds.vn would like to thank our customers for trusting and supporting our curtain sewing service, above all, we have been perfecting ourselves as well as cultivating more products, updating trends furniture to serve customers. Thank you !

Guide to choosing the right curtains & blinds

In fact, choosing a type of curtain that matches the location you want is also very simple. However, because each of us has different preferences and needs, Blinds can only introduce some basic information for you to easily choose the curtains you want.

– For doors, large balcony doors or some other doors, we should choose fabric curtains to be able to move easily. Besides, these door positions are also called “facades”, so choosing fabric curtains will bring high aesthetics to enhance the beauty of your home. Fabric curtains have many different materials such as brocade curtains, burlap curtains, solid fabric curtains, classic fabric curtains … suitable for any space in the house.

– For windows, glass doors, there are more diverse products. Curtains that can be used on doors can be used for windows. And there are other types such as rainbow blinds, roller blinds, wooden blinds, aluminum foil blinds, fabric blinds, roman blinds …..

There are also types of curtains for outdoor use, convenient to cover the sun and rain when needed: outdoor ceiling curtains, outdoor roller blinds, awnings, automatic Zip roller blinds, automatic outdoor folding roofs…

All types of blinds can be further upgraded when using additional automatic motor equipment at Blinds. Automatic curtain products are imported from Germany, Italy, France, China,… Warranty from 3-5 years and warranty accessories from 1 year.

Why should you choose Blinds.vn curtains & blinds quote?

For a long time, Blinds.vn curtains have received good feedback on services and products, and have received the trust of customers. So Blinds has become more and more developed in thinking and customer service is getting better and better. In particular, improved skills, upgraded product quality to improve the living space of customers even more.

Confidently, Blinds is the leading curtain company in the country.
High-end products, full CO-CQ certification.
Diverse products, rich designs.
Product warranty from 3-5 years.
Curtains meet 5-6 star hotel standards.
Our customers will not take too much effort and time to choose products, thanks to professional and enthusiastic in-house consultants.
Qualified counselors, available at any time.
Experienced construction team.
Fast construction.
Curtain accessories are available at retail.
The system of showrooms is available in the central districts – to experience the products in the most realistic way.
In addition, Blinds will support you to complete other interior stages based on understanding, so that customers can save costs in a certain way.

For advice as well as support for product information, materials, prices and on-site consultation, please contact the hotline/chatbox directly to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Quality creates prestige, our company has been using this message so that customers can use the best service possible. Blinds.vn always listens, always understands.

Blinds.vn curtains showroom

Chiffon curtains display area at the showroom

Display area for brocade fabric for curtains and fabric for sofa

The center area displays curtain fabrics and floor mats

Window curtains & blinds factory Eco Blinds.vn

About Eco Blinds.vn curtain factory:

CO & CQ of the curtains fabrics

SGS . fireproof blinds & curtains standard

SGS fireproof certificate for ECOSHADE suncreen roller blinds products


Curtains Project in MT Villa- Phnom Penh, Cambodian

Curtains project for 5 star hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia

For advice on the price of curtains/curtains, please directly contact the Blinds hotline/ telegram for a completely free consultation! Blinds.vn would like to thank you and look forward to serving you.

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